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Jan 25, 2021

Are you optimizing it to the highest productivity that you're capable of? We all have full authority to do what we'd like with our time. You are in control of your life and your 24 hours. But what if you fell off track or that you can't control your time? Whether it's family time, work schedules, or items on your to-do list that are restricting you from accomplishing the aspirations you've set for yourself. Maybe you should think about how to fix your time or items you need to say no to. Or put differently, maybe items you should put on your to-don't list. What's a to-don't list? I'm sure many of us have too many tasks on our to-do list. How can you take more control of your life by ensuring there are projects or tasks you are committed to delegating to free up your time?  I want to discuss this week the importance of a to-don't list, and ensuring your best use of your time to accomplish everything you've committed to this year. Take a listen to this week's Get Your Mind On podcast.


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