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Welcome to Get Your Mind On! We are glad to have you as part of a community of individuals who are seeking to make themselves better. Join us to learn strategies that will change the way you think, insights that will increase your self-awareness, and wisdom that will inspire action. 


Aug 27, 2018

Have you lost the passion for your work?

Do you dread getting up in the morning to go to work?

Do you find the lack of engagement in your job is affecting other parts of your life?

Maybe it's time to let go. This week Get Your Mind On leads you through the thoughtful process of making a career transition. It is always a...

Aug 20, 2018

What is your edge? 

I am not referring to the edge of the competition or how you can be on the forefront. I am referring to your edge that comes out in sharp words, defensiveness or even shutting down.

How can you manage your edge? Listen in to learn more about understanding when your edge happens, why it happens and...

Aug 13, 2018

Have you stopped to ponder if you are honoring yourself?

Are you living your truth?

What does that really mean?

Oftentimes we run from work to activities and may never slow down to even make evaluate how we're are really feeling. We may not even find the truth that is in our lives when we don't allow space for it to...