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Dec 18, 2017

Do you remember when you were younger and you were asked to use your words?

Are there moments in your life when you wish your coworkers, family, or friends would just tell you what they’re thinking?

Do you have times you should probably use your words and share what we are thinking or feeling?

We always tell our...

Dec 13, 2017

How can you best optimize your greatest asset, your people? In Get Your Mind On: Your People, I discuss what you can do to make the most of your people by better utlizing their talents. 


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Dec 11, 2017


What specifically are you hoping to accomplish in 2018? 

What are your intentions for 2018?

How can we best prepare now to set ourselves up for success?


It’s  busy around the holidays with many of us looking to get everything accomplished. Even amongst the chaos, it’s important to stay calm and peaceful knowing...

Dec 4, 2017

Have you accomplished everything you hoped you would in 2017?

What are you doing to prepare for a successful 2018?

What can you take from 2017 that will help you achieve higher success in the future?

Around this time of year let’s take a moment to look back at what we've accomplished, whether it's through our...