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Oct 19, 2020

How do you organize tasks in your life? Is it on a to-do list, written sticky note or maybe saved in an app on your phone? 

To-do lists can have amazing energy or they can be draining. 

This might motivate us to accomplish all of our responsibilities in life. Whether it's work, home, or family life, these lists can get us excited about what we get to do. But other times, they can be exhausting. More often than not, most of us probably live in this most often. Have you looked at a list and thought, "I don't have enough time today to get everything done I need to"? Or maybe every time you checked something off your list, your boss added three more tasks to the end of it. Imagine what could happen if you took a moment to bring the right energy into your responsibilities. It could be something you absolutely love and appreciate in abundance, instead of something that can drain you. On this week's episode of the Get Your Mind On podcast, let's talk about how to cultivate the best energy to bring to your to-do list.


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